Laser eye surgery – safe and effective procedure

Major advances in science have changed the ways in which eyes diseases are diagnosed and treated.

People who have problems with their vision now have an excellent alternative to glasses and contact lenses: vision correction by laser.


FS-LASIK is a gentle method that is both safe and relatively painless. The eyes heal very quickly after surgery giving you improved vision fast. With rapid recovery, most patient can return to e.g. work already the day after surgery which makes this method very popular. The treatment is performed by two laser machines (femtosekundlaser and excimerlaser).

The procedure is as follows: eyes are prepared with anesthetic eye drops. Then the femtosekundlaser is used to make a thin flap on the cornea which is painfree but with some tension and darkness for a short moment. The flap is lifted and the excimerlaser is used to correct the refractive error. Thereafter the flap is placed back and attaches quickly. The postoperative visit is booked already the day after surgery.


LASEK is a surface ablation and recommended for patients with severe astigmatism and thin corneas who cannot undergo FS-LASIK procedure. The result does not differ from FS-LASIK but this method has longer healing and more painful recovery time. The procedure includes one lasermachine (excimerlaser) only.

The procedure is as follow: eyes are prepared with anesthetic eye drops. Weak alcoholic solution is used for 20 seconds to release the outer cell layer of the cornea then excimerlaser is used to correct the refractive error. When the refractive error is corrected and eye surgery is completed a clear bandage contact lens is placed on the eye. Usually you can experience pain, tearing and light sensitivity for 1-3 days after eye surgery. Post operative visit is booked within 4-6 days after LASEK treatment.

Is laser eye surgery for you?

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Preoperative consultation is always performed before eye surgery which includes several tests to enable a very precise evaluation of the patient’s vision. The eyes are examined and when all measurements are complete, a decision can be made if laser vision correction is suitable to perform. With our free online consultation, you can receive a preliminary evaluation.

Eye surgery is only performed if both the responsible eye surgeon and patient feel satisfied with the expected result.


On surgery day, approximately 1.5 hours are spent at the clinic. Before eye surgery the ophthalmologist will do an independent examination of your eyes and make sure that there are no changes or contradictions for laser vision correction. Then local anesthetic eye drops are applied and you will be offered a sedative pill if needed. The procedure itself takes about 20 minutes. You are placed comfortably in our modern operating room where ophthalmologist and nurse have prepared everything for your eye surgery. The laser works quickly and the ophthalmologist carefully monitors the procedure by microscope. Postoperative visits are performed by optician to examine your eyes and vision after healing and recovery to check that expected result is achieved.


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